The vital minerals in the springs of Elmacik remain stable even in the face of natural climate fluctuations. Therefore, every time you drink SOPHIA water, be assured that you are doing an excellent service to your health and physique.

As SOPHIA is bottled directly from the springs with the help of advanced automation technology, it prevents all chemical or human presence in the packaging process. To ensure the consistency in quality, we regularly test samples collected from different units of the production line. For outstanding quality and hygienic standards, SOPHIA natural Mineral water has achieved the prestigious Emirates Quality Mark, which is granted to the products that can demonstrate compliance with the relevant UAE National Standards.



When it comes to the quality of mineral water, the higher level of alkalinity and the lesser quantity of TDS and sodium content in water are crucial. As for SOPHIA, these parameters exceed far more than the typical International excellency standards in Mineral Water.

Kidney Friendly

Intake of mineral water reduces the problem of kidney stones, as mineral water contains a higher composition of magnesium and calcium, which facilitates the decline of concentration and formation of calcium oxalate stone in the kidney.

Skin Care

Regular consumption of mineral water improves the skin as mineral water constitutes ingredients of silica. Silica primarily strengthens the overall spongy cells and particles of human skin, which are located between the areas of collagen and elastin fibers. On the other hand, it also helps in the slowdown of wrinkle formation on the human skin.

Improves Blood Regeneration

Another important function of drinking mineral water is to enhance the generation and circulation of body blood, in an improved way as compared to the normal consumption of typical tap water.